Call Blocking device TM-PA009E2

AUD 199

Main Features

  • FSK/DTMF compatible
  • white list max up to 1500 groups in 15 digits
  • Black list max up to 1500 groups in 15 digits
  • Incoming call max up to 100 groups in 15 digits
  • Outgoing call max up to 50 groups in 15 digits
  • Block area codes max up to 20 groups in 10 digits
  • Retain stored date even lose power.
  • 5 levels LCD adjustable
  • LCD display in 15 digits
  • Backlight function

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Before programming your call blocker, you will need the following: 1) A telephone handset connected on the PHONE socket of the Call Blocker. 2) You also need to be able to hear dialtone through the connected handset. You will need to use your handset’s dialpad to program your call blocker.

Setting date and time (optional) Important:

The month, day and time is constantly updated automatically as provided by the caller id data of incoming calls. Follow the instructions below to manually update this information. When in standby mode (e.g. when showing the month, day, and time (hour & minutes) in the upper center of the display), please press and hold the left side of the〖UP/SET〗button for 3 seconds, the LCD screen should display: Date Set, then press the 〖ACCEPT/WHITE LIST〗button, the month should be flashing in the LCD, then use the 〖UP/SET〗 and 〖DOWN〗 button (left of right side) to adjust the digits up and down, then press the 〖ACCEPT/WHITE LIST〗button to confirm and adjust the day, then the hour and the minutes.

Setting the voice (optional)

When in standby mode, please press the 〖VOICE/A/B/C/OFF〗 button, then we could switch the voice function, you could see the〖A/B/C/OFF〗in the top right corner. All for four choice: A. English B. Spanish C. German D. OFF (default set) Important: When you turn this feature ON (A, B, C), new callers (e.g. phone numbers that have not been registered) will not be able to ring your phone. Only numbers that have been registered in the Whitelist (ACCEPTED) will ring. All other calls will be disconnected. Voice recording will play 3 times and then the calls will be disconnected.